Neisha Weston

Let’s focus on Women and Femininity

I decided to focus on femininity because being a woman is a beautiful thing. In years past, young ladies had mentors throughout life to tell them about how to maneuver through life. Women now have a strong desire to be closer to their natural state of femininity. Here is where we will discuss all things feminine from relationships, career, family, mindset, and forgiveness.


  The Art of Communicating 

The art of having a great conversation in all situations. I also discuss who was too talkative and how they can overcome.

Maintain Better Body Language

I’ll teach you the art to maintain better body language so never let anyone guess you’re confuse and can overcome any situation.

How to Make Good Decisions

Make right decisions at the right time keeping in mind the outcome and the pros and cons as a result of the decision.

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May 2023
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