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Anti-Aging Serum

When it comes to using a product that combats wrinkles, most experts know that Vitamin C is a near miracle treatment. But, when you enhance the Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid, it becomes a near “fountain of youth” for aging skin. I use Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in my facials to give clients that extra boost of anti-aging benefits.

The reason this combination of ingredients work so well is that vitamin C plays an integral part in providing necessary anti-oxidants which prevent free radicals from damaging your skin.

Free radicals are found in the actual environment in which you live, so you can’t avoid them. Beauty experts just recently understand the part that the derivative of Vitamin C,  sodium ascorbyl phosphate, plays in combating the signs of aging that naturally occurs with your skin. My clients appreciate being up to date on the latest beauty treatments, and getting the biggest bang for their bucks.anti-aging-serum-or-cream

This derivative of Vitamin C boosts the antioxidant powers of the main aspect of the vitamin, preventing wrinkles and lines from permeating your complexion. It also acts to slow down the production of melanin which is the cause of age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation which may occur as you age.

Sodium ascorbyl is also a key factor in helping your body to naturally produce and absorb Vitamin C when most needed. This provides you with the Vitamin C you need for your anti-aging plan in a natural and pure form that’s much more effective than other methods.

When hyaluronic acid is added to the mix, you have the advantage of the miracle-working properties that can bind the collagen in your skin by keeping moisture in so wrinkles are plumped and hydrated – virtually disappearing and leaving you glowing and young-looking.

Hyaluronic acid in this anti-aging wrinkle serum uses concentrated vegan hyaluronic acid, meaning that it’s natural and chemical free. It’s gentle enough to heal and hydrate your skin while using its power to provide antioxidants so your skin contains moisture much easier.

Anti-aging wrinkle serum, enhanced Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid not only serves as an anti-aging treatment to repair and prevent wrinkles.  It also helps rid your eyes from dark circles and repairs sun damage you may have suffered in the past.

Be sure to check with your esthetician to find out about products for your continuing beauty needs. You’ll find that these products usually exceed all your anti-aging expectations.


Anti-Aging and Acne Skin Care

Acne can become a problem for all age groups. Acne scars the face and lowers self-esteem. People with acne are likely to be less social than others and try every product that comes along to try and solve the problem. The cause of acne begins when the pores of your skin become clogged with dead skin, oil and some bacteria. Hair follicles in the pores of your skin contain oil glands (called sebaceous) which push oil (sebum) out of a pore through the hair follicle and up to the skin, causing bacteria to form a pimple.

 Adult acne occurs when you may have developed a health problem or an over-production of hormones which can occur as your body changes with age. Adult acne requires a stronger treatment than when you were a teenager and picked up a product from the drugstore shelf.

Beginning at about the age of 20, the oxygen that gets to your skin begins to decrease in volume and wrinkles begin to form. It may be mostly unnoticeable for awhile, but eventually, you’ll begin to notice the changes as your skin becomes dryer and dull in appearance.

In addition, cleansing your skin at the end of the day is crucial. Don’t make the mistake of going to bed without taking the time get rid of all the grime that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. You may not see the harm in skipping out on cleansing your skin but if you don’t wash your face, you prolong the exposure that your skin has to free radicals that may have been picked up from air pollution.

 Left unchecked, free radicals have the potential to break down the collagen in your skin; which gives the skin a sallow and loose appearance. If you sleep in your makeup, you can also leave the skin unprotected against chemicals that may irritate the skin and hinder the natural process that your skin has of renewing itself while you sleep.

It’s also important to look at products. Some products contain concentrated ingredients that increase oxygen intake to the skin, cell rejuvenating, and boosts the skin’s collagen production. These products offer one of the best anti-aging acne skin care treatments with its serum that smooths the skin and prevents adult acne from taking place. They also contain products with bio-cellular oxygen facial firming treatment and rejuvenation cream lotion with antioxidants to give you a flawless and glowing skin.

 It works by supplying a super-charged amount of skin firming ingredients to ensure that your acne-prone skin type gets an increased level of oxygen and antioxidants to leave you looking youthful and rid your skin of the annoying and irritating red bumps.

Beauty portrait of young woman squeezing acne

 Not only will you have the advantage of a smoothing and firming serum, but you’ll also enjoy an innovative method of hydrating and re-energizing your skin. Collagen-enhancing ingredients go directly to the cells of the skin, hitting problems on a cellular level so you look your very best.

Your esthetician will probably choose products are completely paraben free and are   formulated by scientific experts that have your ultimate beauty in mind.  



Feel Younger with Probiotics

Medical experts say it’s never too late to quit smoking, drinking, eating a poor nutrition diet, not exercising or to begin taking action that prevents premature or rapid aging. If you begin now, no matter what age you may be, you’ll be sure to cut back some of the effects that aging has on your mind and body.

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of adding probiotics to your diet, you may have been under a rock for years. Probiotics may not be the fountain of youth, but they can definitely boost your health and help you look and feel younger.

Probiotics are the positive bacteria found in your body that help prevent and treat illnesses. When you have a healthy digestive tract, your immune system benefits enormously and you tend to have a healthier glow and feel younger than you are. Also, not drinking enough water can cause the skin to dry out and dehydrate, causing fine lines and a crepe-like appearance. This habit is an easy fix by drinking more water every day and using moisturizer that traps moisture in your skin. It’s an instantaneous way to look younger.

Physicians often prescribe probiotics to help with digestive problems such as GERD or indigestion and you can get them in supplements or foods such as yogurt and even chocolate.

Probiotics keep you young and healthy by several methods. You lose much of the beneficial bacteria in your body by just living life and lose even more when you take antibiotics and don’t practice eating a good and healthy diet plan.probiotics8-1

The main benefit to probiotics to your body is that they move food through your digestive system efficiently and rapidly. They’re capable of assisting you if you have a condition such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), eczema and urinary or vaginal problems.

Mainly, probiotics can help to keep your “good” and “harmful” bacteria in check and working as it should to keep you healthy and your body functioning properly. The two kinds of probiotics are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Lactobacillus is the one most people consume from fermented foods and yogurt. These probiotics can be very advantageous to those who are intolerant of lactose – found in milk. Be careful if you’re a yo-yo dieter, trying all the new fad diets, it will take a toll on your body. Constant weight gain and loss repeatedly stretches the skin and breaks down the elasticized fibers which lead to sagging and stretch marks.

Bifidobacterium can be found in many dairy products and will ease issues associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and other stomach and digestive tract problems. Make sure you check with your doctor about dosage.

Scientific evidence shows that you can prevent illnesses and even treat some of them by ingesting food and supplements which contain a certain type of live bacteria. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yogurt contain these beneficial microorganisms from which you can gain a ton of benefits.

By helping to prevent such disorders and diseases as GERD and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), probiotics can add years to your life and help your immune system resist other diseases which can make you feel and look older than you really are. Learn all you can about probiotics and how they may help you regulate your digestive systems easily and naturally.